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CODE':' Yellow Chrysanthemum

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CODE "-" Yellow Chrysanthemum

came after the release on Pearl Harbor's
75th memorial anniversary when new information was cleared for public disclosure, and is now
is available for e-book release available for E-FGHI Book on-screen access through a $5.00 purchase.


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MacTheKnife, a Amazon verified purchaser of the Code: edition:

"What a fun ride. Written by a fantastic storyteller in a style that Louis L'Amour fans will love.
He's obviously "been there and done that" and writes in a way that puts you there. He paints a picture for you with his words and makes his characters seem like old friends.
Enough historical fact to keep history buffs interested, enough conspiracy theory to make you wonder and a knowledge of the land he takes you through that makes you feel as if you're there."


Carole Sue Taylor Kindle Edition|Verified Purchaser of the Code- edition:

"Plenty of action and color in this unraveling of the Pearl Harbor attack conspiracy, along with a good, old-fashioned love story. Lots of local color of settings ranging from the Alaska to Panama. Characters one can't help but like and lots of interesting stuff about horses, anthropology, etc. A really enjoyable read I couldn't put down." is an independent author / publisher CO-OP dedicated to preserving traditional book publishing outlet stores that can offer both E-Books in a physical library form in Flash Drive/DVD , and printed on demand output. CO-OP. Membership starts at $100 to join as a as an affiliate that will have access to to an on-retainer legal department for joint copyright problem resolution, trusted formatting, line editing, translating, design, and printing affiliates on the side of the independent writer / publisher / angel book project investor.

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