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Code Yellow Chrysanthemum A WWII spy/adventure thriller with a very different twist. What really happened at Pearl Harbor?

Search for a Shadow of the Past A family pioneering the Pacific Crest Trail by riding 2,500 miles from Mexico to Canada.

NEW!! Chilkoot To The Sea The Murray family (of Search For A Shadow Of The Past fame.) goes on another adventure of a lifetime. This time to follow the Trail of '98, the Klondike Gold Rush. They climb the Chilkoot pass then with folding kayaks, travel the full length (2000 miles) of the Yukon River to the Bering Sea. This is brought to you by our sister publication AlaskaTravelMagazine.com

I Want a Horse Looking for a horse? Don't buy a dog! This how-to buyers guide to soundness evaluation is a must read.

Taffy Neighborhood A delightful childrens story of Taffy, the border collie's adventures in her own neighborhood. Created in a very different format combining drawings and photos.

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